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SERBIA: Faces & Places

Congratulations, Serbia: Faces & Places is a magnificent publication, it is the best book I have seen about my country. I appreciate the effort, the superb photographs and the genuine way in which you presented Serbia.

– HRH Crown Prince Alexander


Vladeta Rajić and Bill Dorich have, with Serbia: Faces & Places, done something far more important and exciting than to document the exquisite beauty of Serbia's landscape, structures and people. They have created an iconically-important historical document which will change the minds of people who have only known Serbia through recent media reporting. It was written with the Serbian global diaspora audience in mind, but it is a book which can be enjoyed by all. I found that this photographic and journalistic essay was wonderfully satisfying to the aesthetic senses, while it also was profoundly educational—even to a non-Serbian writer such as myself, who had spent years covering the changing landscape of the Balkans. I was enriched by the book, which makes the reader at home with the warmth of Serbia's people and places.

– Gregory Copley
, President of the International Strategic Studies Association and Editor of Defense & Foreign Affairs publications. Author of
The Art of Victory and other works.

There are books inspired by malice and hatred. The book Serbia: Faces & Places was inspired by love. The love for a nation slandered and vilified by misinformation. Love for innocent victims, and, above all, love for the truth. The authors of the book, Vladeta Rajić and Bill Dorich used few words and an abundance of photographs of friendly people, buildings, churches and landscapes that refute the lies about Serbs and Serbia spread in the media. This book should be in every Serbian home, and in the homes of all those who would like to discover Serbia's hidden secrets.

– Dr. Rev. Mateja Matejić
, Professor Emeritus, Ohio State University. Director of The Hilandar Research Library Resource Center for Medieval Slavic Studies, the largest repository of Slavic documents in the Western hemisphere.

For those curious about the real Serbia, this is a fabulous book. I have visited many of the awe-inspiring places photographed on its pages and it is obvious that the authors have masterfully documented some of Serbia's greatest heroes, cultural monuments, triumphs and tribulations—making Serbia unique in the world in its ability to persevere and ultimately succeed despite all odds. Serbia: Faces & Places is eye candy for the 'arm-chair traveler'... and a superb introduction to this unique nation and her people. Bravo to the authors for a job well done!

– Michael Pravica, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of Physics, University of Nevada, Las Vegas

"Is this Heaven?"
"No, it's Serbia."
– Peter Brock (with apologies to Shoeless Joe Jackson and Ray Kinsella, in the movie, Field of Dreams)

Serbia: Faces & Places answers the question I've been asked for the past 34 years: "Why do you go there?" I've stopped trying to answer. Val Rajić's wonderful commentary with Bill Dorich's consistently exquisite book production re-creates the entire touch to the… soul. As I so often attempt to explain the priceless irony of it: "I had to be taken there." And, this is true. From my borrowed flat in Maxima Gorkog I walked around the corner and squeezed inside the small bakery for steaming burek and yogurt on cold winter mornings. Then, through the narrow, hospitable old streets of Čubura and out onto the broad sidewalks of my favorite, Bulevar Revolucije… Speechless on the overlook of the Dunav and Sava Rivers.
I graduated inevitably to discover Novi Sad and Fruška Gora, and the more modest Bela Crkva, then Niš, and the hill country straddling the Ibar and down the east bank of the Drina to Kosovo—forever Serbia. And, as the glorious places, so the people… Mile, Mira and Pavle.

– Peter Brock
, A newspaper journalist for 30 years, highlighted by 17 major awards including runner-up to the 1989 Pulitzer competition in Public Service. His current book in its second edition is,
Media Cleansing: Dirty Reporting, Journalism and Tragedy in Yugoslavia.

Through a compelling text and brilliant photographs this book reveals the essence of Serbia and its people. The description of the rural landscape – its prairie grasses, fields and meadows – and the graphic photographs of urban towns and villages proclaim the beauty and diversity of the country's geography. Yet it is the photographs and biographies of the ordinary people of Serbia that stir the emotions and disclose the true character and spirit of a courageous, proud and indomitable people.

– Ambassador James Bissett
, a former Canadian diplomat who served 36 years in public service in immigration and Foreign Affairs. He was High Commissioner to Trinidad and Tobago and Ambassador to former Yugoslavia, Albania and Bulgaria.

Serbia: Faces & Places will join the proud ranks of Bill Dorich's lifetime of unique achievement in bringing to the world the unique beauty of the Serbian land and her people. For those of us who have come to love both, this book with co-author Vladeta Rajić is tinged with a precious sadness, the appreciation of the glorious reality compared to the monstrous edifice of lies that has been presented to the world for so many years. Lies, by their nature, have short legs and will not last forever, however omnipresent and oppressive they seem during their insolent reign. But when in the fullness of time the truth shines forth, this book, Serbia: Faces & Places, will be among its most brilliant jewels. Axios!

—James George Jatras, Director, American Council for Kosovo. Former Senior Analyst, Republican Policy Committee U.S. Senate, former US Foreign Service officer, J.D. Georgetown Law Center.